Company Culture

Company Tenor: Quality Preeminent, Reputation First, Price Reasonable

“Quality Preeminent” implies that our company should persist perpetually in taking the markets as guide, strengthen perpetually the development of products, improve the scientific and technological content of products, and research and develop the products with the best performance and price. Simultaneously, should regard the quality of products as the company’s life, and severely control each process, each segment for quality in order to ensure Sun-King company manufactures the products qualified up to 100%, supply our customers with the products which are of preeminence in their quality, and improve the market competition advantage of the products from Sun-King company. “Reputation First” implies that our company should lay emphasis on reputation, observe contracts and act on promise. The marketing economy is one economy with the characteristics of reputation, if success is made in the competition of market, the concept should be observed that company conforms to “ Reputation First”. Sun-King company has always been abiding deliberatively by the tenor since the company was founded. “Price Reasonable” implies that our company should exert to bring down the cost of purchase, sales, research, development and service, according to our customers’ demand provides our customers with the products which can be applied well, appropriately and adequately, and creates the greater value for our customers.

Handling Concept: It Is Our Eternal Pursuance to Satisfy Our Customers

concept of “ It Is Our Eternal Pursuance to Satisfy Our Customers” was enacted in 1993, it has been common apprehension and principle for our mass staffs to compete and finalize the markets. During the new period of development, we should further spread and strengthen the concept, treats it as both starting-point and standing-point. The thought, say and action from all the relevant staffs of sales, production and supply segment, and senior, medium and junior level should endeavor to pursue the marketing finality that our company can obey the markets, and satisfy our customers.

Company Value Philosophy: Create Fortune for Society. Enable Her Staffs to Carry Out Their Value.

All the Sun-King’s resources derive from society, her existence and development must keep in touch with society. Therefore, it is our deserved responsibility and obligation for us to reward and benefit society. Staffs are the first principal of company, the main source of company development. It is stable and steady policy for Sun-King company to develop herself depending on her staffs soul and heart. Endeavor to improve the quality of material and cultural lives, and create the conditions to enable her staffs to carry out their value, which are our persevering pursuance.

Company Spirit: Challenge Future, Transcend Perpetually

“Challenge Future” implies to be courage, tactic and sense. It also reflects Sun-King company practices brightly by strengthening herself and striving forwards, and shows Sun-King staffs put strategic vision on future.

“Transcend Perpetually” is an impetus, a direction and an objective. It is the course of our company’s birth and development that is that of our pursuing the newer, greater, better and stronger enterprise. As a webbing specialist, we are engaged in one line, we endeavor to more adapt webbing series products to new demand in the markets, make the performance and price more excellent, and customers acquisition more preferential.

Sun-King Objective: Chinese Sun-King, Worldwide Sun-King

“Chinese Sun-King, Worldwide Sun-King” shows Sun-King’s lofty and idealistic pursuance. It meets Sun-King company expected value in development. Sun-King’s staffs expect to go to wider world, and are creating by our own wisdom and diligence one splendid Sun-King who can be prosperous for more than one hundred years and span over the world.

Environment Concept: Protect Environment, Protect Sun-King

Company acts as one of the society economic cells, if its development deviates from the rail of environment, the environment will play the reverse role on the development of company, “Water can load a boat, but it can also upset the boat” is an ancient episode which deserves being retrospected by the modern society. Sun-King practises everything that benefits to environment, even drops. Practise them from today on, irrigate them from today on, because we deeply believe that tomorrow’s environment will be more consonant and comfortable and tomorrow’s blossoms of concept of “Protect Environment, Protect Sun-King” will bloom more splendidly and colorfully.